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Do you want to study an International and Professional Master Degree in the field of Electrical Engineering?

Do you want to study at the University of Oviedo one of the top five National Master Degrees in the category of Energy*?
* Ranking Másteres Diario El Mundo:
Are you interested in a high technical and management level training degree, in the fields of Renewable Energy integration, Electric Vehicle Design, Microgrids and Smartgrids management, Power Systems and Energy Efficiency?
If the answer to any of those question is YES, you’re at the right site. These are some of the characersitcics fo the Master Degree in Electrical Energy Conversion and Power Systems at the University of Oviedo:
Possibility of funded practical internships in the Associate Companies, at the same time than the development of the Master Thesis (last semester)
High Employability: 90% of the alumni find a job (as Technical Staff in companies or as PhD Students) related with the Master topics within 3 months after ending the Degree
20% of external faculty, from international universities and companies 
120 ECTS/2 years. After the first year, the required 60 ECTS for applying to EEES european PhD studies are achieved
Fully taught in English language
Multicultural environment

The main goal of the Official Master Degree in “Electrical Energy Conversion and Power Systems” is the training of qualified staff in some of the most challenging areas related to electrical engineering, such as renewable energies (system design and control strategies, integration into smart grids), electrical transportation (vehicle analysis and design, dedicated electric networks), and energy efficiency (smart grids operation, technical and economic analysis, projects management). These areas are covered along the 2 years programme from a double approach: scientific and professional.
The collaborations established with leading companies and academic institutions worldwide (through dedicated seminars, teaching by visiting professors, Master Thesis and Internship positions, etc.), make this course a unique opportunity to successfully acquire key competences demanded in a specialized evolving sector.

For any question you might have on the development of the Master Course, feel free to contact us

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