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Fourth Semester: Final Stage. Academic Plan 2021

You may follow this link to get a summary of the subjects information.

The detailed information of each of these subject can be found here.

The calendar schedule for this year is available in the tab "Calendario Académico".


GSTSR - Generic and specific topics in scientific research

It is intended to familiarize the student with research methodology, including the search for resources and bibliography, sources of funding, writing scientific articles and publishing results.

SIES Code: MCEESP03-2-016

CTHIRS - Challenges and trends in harvesting and interconnection in renewable generation systems

The course aims to provide the student with a series of skills and abilities that allow him/her to interpret the validity of emerging technologies in renewable energies, as well as their evolution and path to be considered as fully implemented technologies. Apart from the technological point of view, economic, social and environmental aspects are considered. The study is focused on the technologies of electric power systems, electric and hybrid vehicles, and renewable energy systems.

ECTS: 4.5
SIES Code: MCEESP03-2-014

IEEE - Internet of energy and energy efficiency 

The course aims to enable students to analyze the environmental impact of energy use and conversion, taking into account the limitation of natural resources and climate change. This includes understanding the background of various concepts of sustainable development and methods of sustainability assessment.

ECTS: 4.5
SIES Code: MCEESP03-2-015

MTh - Master's Thesis

The master's thesis consists of a project or original research work in the field of the technologies seen throughout the master's degree, so as to synthesize and integrate the skills acquired in the various subjects. Thus, the master's thesis must guarantee the acquisition of these competences in an adequate way.

ECTS: 18
SIES Code: MCEESP03-2-017