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Fourth Term (Final Stage)

The main information of the subjects (Academic Information, Teaching Guides, Detailed description, etc.) can be found in this link.  

Generic and specific topics in scientific research

  • This subject will allow students to know the research methodology, including the search for resources, bibliography and technical literature, funds and financial sources, writing of technical and scientific articles as well as publishing and discussion of results.
  • ECTS: 3
  • Compulsory
  • Acronym in the calendar: GSTSR
  • SIES Reference: MCEESP02-2-013

Challenges and tendencies in future power systems

  • This subject develops the skills to interpret the validity of emerging technologies, as well as its evolution and deployment to be considered as fully implemented technologies. This interpretation is carried out from the point of view of technical, economic, social and environmental aspects. The subject is focused on the technologies related to power systems, electrical and hybrid vehicles and renewable energy systems.
  • ECTS: 4.5
  • Compulsory
  • Acronym in the calendar: CTFPS
  • SIES Reference: MCEESP02-2-014

Energy efficiency

  • This subject deals with the environmental impact of the use and conversion of energy, considering the limited natural resources and the climate change. Some concepts, such as sustainable development or evaluation of sustainability are discussed. Some topics also focus on the conversion of renewable energy systems compared to fossil-based energy systems, in terms of social, economic and environmental aspects.
  • ECTS: 4.5
  • Compulsory
  • Acronym in the calendar: ENEF
  • SIES Reference: MCEESP02-2-015

Master's thesis

  • The Master's thesis consists in the achievement of an original research Project, integrating skills and knowledge gained in the fields of the basic technologies discussed along the different subjects.
  • ECTS: 18
  • SIES Reference: MCEESP02-2-016
  • Compulsory