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Our students say

Juan Morís

During my Master's thesis I have been working in a magnetic suspension for a flywheel-based energy storage system. This promising device converts electricity into kinetic energy and viceversa, allowing for highly efficient energy storage as well as being environmentally friendly. It has numerous applications including renewable energies, micro-grids and smart-grids, or traction systems.

The specific subjects I studied enabled me to design power electronic equipment as well as digital implementation of control systems in real-time software. The multi-disciplinary tasks involved in this project along with the laboratory experience I gained have been the most useful things to take away.

The Master has extended my competences in the field of electrical engineering, with focus in power electronics and control systems, giving me a good insight into upcoming technologies such as renewable energies, smart grids or electric vehicle. The fact that I have been dealing everyday with international students has helped me to improve my fluency in English as well as to develop my teamwork skills. After two years of very hard work I feel now more prepared to start my career in the energy sector.

Bassam Mohamed

EECPS master was great opportunity to learn and improve my skills in scientific research and real world design and implementation of prototype product. Each subject of this master try to cover the most updated solutions and problems to keep the student linked to the state of art in research line. Professor try to share their experience of real projects with company from the starting idea of design and simulation until the recommendation of implementation to fulfilled the standards requirements. There are many session which are dedicated to transfer the knowledge from top ranked international professors to students. So that, students take the full view and alternatives solutions based on different research group and manufacturer companies.

EECPS master covers essentially there main fields of studies power electronic, renewable energy and electric vehicles which are very active research topics in academic level. Students from different backgrounds select their targets in academic level or professional carrier with wide vision. The professors of the master try to guide students to find the best field by explaining the available opportunities and how to overcome the expected problems in each field. For me, EECPS was the greatest step of my knowledge relative to the time. I would like to recommend it for any student who wants really to be a professional in the scope of green energy and power electronic design.

José María Holassian

I met Pablo Arboleya at a seminar on smart grids and after it, he commented about the Master EECPS. Reading the triptych of the master, the companies and universities involved I signed up without hesitation. I've always wanted a financial/economical point of view of the Power Systems.

Now that I finished the master I'm applying what I learned to develop a model of an economic and financial analysis of worldwide projects for solar thermal power plants . Besides being in the Master offered English vocabulary necessary to move in the sector.

Lucas Cueto

My name is Lucas Cueto, I recently graduated from the EECPS Master in University of Oviedo, and I am currently enjoying an internship at Gamesa, S.A. , where I am learning all I can about Wind Generators in the Rotating Electric Machines department, in Bilbao. I am currently involved in the development of a mathematical model to predict the losses produced by the inverter in the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators, but also from time to time I visit the factory, where it is amazing to see how this machines are built. I encourage anyone that would like to work in a company to push hard and try an experience similar to mine, as the perspective, the know-how, and the practical knowledge acquired are huge, and the experience lived is so worth.

The EECPS Master has provided me the necessary tools to overcome the actual needs of any company where I would like to fit in. I gained a lot of knowledge in Drives, Power Electronics, and Control, but also in Power Systems and Grid Management. I feel like I have learned (and studied!!) a lot, but that there is still a whole world to be discovered; that’s another reason why this Master has been so important to me: that thanks to the internship programs proposed, and pushing really hard, I was able to get an internship position and enter the industry environment that is really what I would like to do.

Félix Lorenzo

After an exhausting first year studying this Master Degree, I had to choose the track I wanted to do the next course, but this wasn't an easy decision. Finally, I decided for the Technical-Economic-Management track, which gave me solid knowledge about regulatroy issues regarding the Spanish electric system, fact that resulted crucial in the development of my Master's Thesis.

I think that this Master Degree is a good option, since you will have a common stage in which you will learn a lot of power electronics and electrical machines for renewable energy generation systems, and then you will have the choice to continue by the same path improving your technical skills or complement them with management and economic aspects.