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Student Profile

This Master addresses Technical Engineers, Engineers or other graduates interested in Power Systems related with Energy Efficient Conversion. Candidates must be willing to work in an interdisciplinary, multinational and multicultural environment. In any case, students enrolled in this Master should have the basic degree-level knowledge on electrical, electronic and automated technology, and also on management issues (energy efficiency, technical and economical management). This Master is aimed to provide students with a specific and unique know-how; the disciplines integrating the course should not be seen as independent areas, but they should be combined for the analysis, implementation and management of power systems. In addition to the specific technical requirements, candidates are expected to have other relevant features:

  1. Oral and written communication skills in the languages commonly used in the international scientific scope.
  2. Ability to work in teams and set long-term personal links with people of other cultures.
  3. Interest in getting new skills and find out different ways to solve problems; eagerness to be constantly updating.

The development of this degree will be carried out in the framework of the future International PhD Centre of the University of Oviedo (

The previous training (knowledge) and the skills and interest of the candidates will be conditioned by the proposed Master. As regards the previous training, the following degrees seem to be the most suitable ones: Industrial Electronic and Automated Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering.

However, applicants who meet the basic requirements will be able to take the Master. To this regard, the following elements will be taken into account:

  1. Students who can slow down the lectures on Power Systems and Electrical Energy Conversion due to the lack of the basic knowledge will not be admitted. This consideration may be applied to those engineers specialized in different fields to the core area of the Master, such as Chemical Engineers, Forest Engineers, etc.
  2. In any case, applications will be evaluated by a teaching commission. This committee will select the most suitable candidates according to their qualifications and records.

The first term of the course is intended to be a levelling stage. In addition to a series of common credits, most of the courses seek to equalize the knowledge of the students in the basic courses of the Master. This will be done by offering different subjects that provide students with the required basic contents for the courses of the Master. After a previous (individual) analysis of the knowledge of the candidates in all the areas, the commission will establish the courses to be taken by the students in the first term. These courses are intended to be a complement to the previous knowledge of the candidates. However, it has to be underlined that all applicants need to have a previous knowledge in the areas of the Master, as the courses of the first term will be a complement to this basic know-how.