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General explanation

In order to meet the set objectives and comply with the established regulations, several options were considered concerning the distribution of the compulsory credits of the Master as well as the offer of optional credits. After a thorough analysis, the following conclusions were reached.

The Master consists of 4 terms distributed in two years

  1. The first term is intended to provide a uniform level of knowledge among students with different basic training. This equalization term offers a set of optional courses designed to promote the homogenization among students' knowledge. The teaching committee will study every application form independently, selecting 30 ECTS credits for every student among the optional courses.
  2. The second term offers several compulsory courses for all the students. These subjects will promote the acquisition of the common skills of the Master.
  3. The third term has been designed according to two possible tracks: professional and research. The first one is focused on the acquisition of the required competences for the management of electric energy, with a special emphasis on energy efficiency and renewable energies. The second track approaches the technology development and the industrial design established in the specific competences of the master lines: "Power systems" and "Electric / Hybrid vehicle".
  4. The last term has been designed to complete the training of students. The courses taught in this period have a general nature and address issues related to the socio-economic impact of the technologies studied in the Master. In addition, students have to complete their Master's Thesis and the work placement. Besides, this term includes the ECTS credits on the scientific method that allow students to continue with the PhD studies according to the regulations of the University of Oviedo.

Every course is coordinated by a lecturer of the Master, who will meet the coordinator of the programme at the beginning of the first term (teaching term) to plan the training activities to be developed in the different subjects, taking into account the specific circumstances resulting from the number of students registered in every course and their profile. The aim is to cover and guarantee the general cross competences of the programme as well as the specific skills of the courses.


First Term (Equalization Stage). Each student must complete 30 ECTS, depending on the previous background

Second Term (Common Stage)

Third Term: (Specialization Stage). Students specialize in one of the following tracks:

  • Technical-Economic-Management
  • Scientific-Technical-Research

Fourth Term (Final Stage)