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Academic Curriculum

Summary of the Study Plan

You may follow this link to get a summary of the subjects information.

The detailed information of each of these subject can be found here.

The calendar schedule for this year is available in the tab "Calendario Académico".

Modules and Semesters

General Explanation of the Study Plan

The curriculum consists of 4 semesters distributed in two years.

  1. The first semester is designed as an equalization semester, with the aim of establishing a uniform level of knowledge among students with different basic training. This semester offers a pool of elective subjects to facilitate the equalization mechanism. The Academic Committee will study each admission independently, selecting 30 ECTS credits for each student among the electives offered. In any case, there is a common introductory course in this semester.
  2. The second semester offers a series of compulsory subjects for all students. These subjects favor the acquisition of the common competences of the master's degree.
  3. The third semester has been designed according to two possible itineraries: professional/research. The first one is oriented to the acquisition of specific competences related to the management of electric energy in offshore wind energy and other renewable sources, with a special focus on the master line of energy efficiency and renewable energies. The second one goes deeper into the technological development and industrial design established in the specific competences of the master lines: "Smartgrids and Power Systems" and "Electric/Hybrid Vehicle".
  4. The last semester is used to complete the training. The subjects taught in this semester are of a general nature and include aspects related to the socio-economic impact of the technologies involved in the master's degree. In addition, the Master Thesis or internship in a company can be carried out. The ECTS credits on scientific method are also taught, which qualifies the student to do a doctorate according to the regulations of the University of Oviedo.

Each subject has an assigned professor responsible for it. These professors will meet with the program coordinator at the beginning of the first semester (semester of teaching), to plan the training activities to be carried out in the different subjects, taking into account the particularities that may exist related to the number of students enrolled in each subject, as well as their profile, so that the general (transversal) competences of the program and the specific competences of the subjects are covered and guaranteed.