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Paneles solares

Graduates from this Master are highly qualified professionals trained in the field of electric energy management with a special emphasis on the study of power systems applied to renewable energy. In order to meet this objective, this Masters' Degree has been designed with a double approach -scientific and professional-. Students are offered a limited number of options in one of the terms of the Master:

  • In the scientific track, the offered courses allow students to specialize in the design of power applications in two areas: electric power systems and electric and hybrid traction. Students are integrated into a research group in the field of renewable energy and / or electric tractions (these groups can belong to the University of Oviedo or to external companies). Nevertheless, graduate students will be able to directly start their PhD studies.
  • In the professional branch, students will be trained in order to start working in energy companies, more precisely in the field of energy management. In order to meet this objective, the Master includes courses on the effective energy management of big consumers and the generation and distribution of energy in the liberalised electricity market.